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I Care And So Does America: Diane Sawyer Bids Farewell To ABC World News

You could tell that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy left an impression on her with his inaugural address as the 35th U.S. president. “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Country” became a driven force in her life that propelled her into becoming one of the greatest journalist of all times. It was so evident in her Made In America Series that ran on ABC World News With Diane Sawyer.

Last night Diane Sawyer broadcasted the 30 minutes evening news for the last time since being named Anchor in 2009.

As a person of integrity, Ms. Sawyer gave you the facts and not her opinion. That’s something that you don’t see too much of today. Although not perfect, she seldom made errors in her reporting. One could and did feel comfortable at embracing her reporting of the important need to know world events at face value.

The documentaries she created were also remarkable. That smooth and delicate reporting style was and still continues to be her trademark. That trademark pulls you in and educates you. It also says in a quiet way “I care about you and so does America”. That trademark shined in “A Hidden America: Children of The Mountains”. It was also brightly there in her interview of Jaycee Duggar.

It always appears to be about the story and not the ratings. Because she does such a great job, the ratings are there. Broadcast it and they will watch. Not only do we watch, but we become involved. Such was the case in the Made In America series. The series educated Americans and made some us stop complaining about what the government is or is not doing. Instead we realize what it was we could do for America and ourselves in her time of need.

I’m sadden to know that she will no longer be a part of my household at 6:30 PM Monday thru Friday, but I’m glad to know that I will still have the opportunity to view more of her reporting as she moves on to more adventures for the ABC network.

I became a fan when you were teamed with Bill Curtis on CBS morning news. I’ve followed you because of your integrity. Thank you Diane Sawyer. Looking forward to more of your I Care reporting.

David Muir, we will be watching.


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    Hands Up Don’t Shoot: Six Year Old Black Male and Mother Stopped At Gunpoint

    ACCIDENT: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance.

    As you will learn from the video, Kametra Barbour and her four young children were stopped at gunpoint by an officer who was responding to a call about four black males brandishing a gun out of the window of a car. The description of the suspected car did not come close to resembling the vehicle Ms. Barbour was driving.

    It was no accident that the officer stopped the car. The officer planned to stop the car that did not resemble the suspected vehicle at gun point. In doing so he left a scar that will forever be with Barbour and her kids.

    These are the type of police encounters that black people in Ferguson and throughout the United States are protesting. We don’t object to law and order, we just want our right to travel the streets to be peaceful without unnecessary police intrusions, especially at gunpoint.

    Was this stop an unnecessary police intrusion? Take a look at the video and share your thoughts on twitter

    Please use hashtag #Handsupdon’tshoot or #KametraBarbour .


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      It’s Just Not Funny

      [jwplayer mediaid="5885"]

      Some things as well as some comedians just aren’t funny. It can be hard to get this point over to people. This little boy found a direct way to get the point across to his friend. Maybe he can sit down with the networks who are drowning us with bad situation comedies. Maybe he can also tell some of these comedians that they should keep their day jobs and give up the standup routine. Some of these shows just aren’t funny, okay?

      Take a look at how he handles the situation.

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      Robin Williams Dead at 63: Suicide By Asphyxia Suspected

      Robin Williams  July 21, 1951- August 11, 2014

      Robin Williams
      July 21, 1951- August 11, 2014

      Through a press release from the Marin County Coronor’s office it was announced that Oscar winning comedian Robin Williams was found dead inside his home in Marin County, California. Although the publicist did not confirm suicide, a statement issued on behalf of the late Mr. Williams stated the following: “Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”

      The Coronor’s office suspects the death to be “suicide due to asphyxia.”

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      Dr. Goddess On The Case: A Shooting Of An Unarmed Teen In Ferguson, Missouri

      Kimberly Ellis


      Dr. Goddess is on the case once again. This time, she is keeping us informed about the shooting death of Mike Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Dr. Goddess is a performing artist who makes it a point to keep us all informed on twitter about the many issues that plagued the black community. She is also the niece of the great late playright, August Wilson. Click her name next to Storify to get the real 411 on this fascinating lady. Oh, and don’t forget to follow her on twitter if you’re not doing so now. Her Storify which puts the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri in perspective (see Storify below) will show you why you should do so. Take a look at Storify below to get a grip on the real deal in the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri.
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