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Hands Up Don’t Shoot: Six Year Old Black Male and Mother Stopped At Gunpoint

ACCIDENT: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance.

As you will learn from the video, Kametra Barbour and her four young children were stopped at gunpoint by an officer who was responding to a call about four black males brandishing a gun out of the window of a car. The description of the suspected car did not come close to resembling the vehicle Ms. Barbour was driving.

It was no accident that the officer stopped the car. The officer planned to stop the car that did not resemble the suspected vehicle at gun point. In doing so he left a scar that will forever be with Barbour and her kids.

These are the type of police encounters that black people in Ferguson and throughout the United States are protesting. We don’t object to law and order, we just want our right to travel the streets to be peaceful without unnecessary police intrusions, especially at gunpoint.

Was this stop an unnecessary police intrusion? Take a look at the video and share your thoughts on twitter

Please use hashtag #Handsupdon’tshoot or #KametraBarbour .


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    The Tale Of Two Countries

    In FOSHAN, China a two-year-old Chinese girl is dead after she was struck by two vehicles and then ignored by more than a dozen passersby as she lay bleeding in the street. Little Yue Yue, died Monday after slipping into a coma from severe brain injuries following Thursday’s accident. The South China Morning Post reported that the vehicles struck the innocent child after she wandered out of her parents’ shop in Foshan, which is part of the southern Guangdong province near Hong Kong.

    Closed-circuit television footage of 18 people walking past her body without helping her. You can see the video of the incident and the failure of people to provide assistance in the video above. The video which is in Chinese is very graphic.

    Zurana Horton Gives Her Life To Save School Kids

    Here in the United States, some unknown(s) with a gun opened fire on a street as students were let out of school Friday afternoon, killing one parent who had tried to shield children from harm. Unlike the baby Yue Yue case, 34-year-old Zurana Horton hovered over students to protect them as shots were being fired from a nearby roof top. The heroine was struck in the face and chest and was pronounced dead at the scene in the Brownville neighborhood located in southeastern Brooklyn.

    In both cases there exist a callous disregard for human life. In this country we still have respect for human life as shown by the action of Ms. Horton, but how long will this exist if we continue to not stand up against senseless crime? How long if we continue to not have respect for one another regardless of race, religion, sex, disabilities, nationality, political ideology, and sexual preference?

    Tolerance which we have been practicing since the days of civil rights is not working, and has run out. Respect regardless of our differences should be the order of the day. Tolerance is temporary but respect is forever. We can disagree and still show respect for one another.

    Although we are in debt to the Chinese who have supported our deficit spending over the past years as a result of some unsound policies from our government leaders, we don’t have to become them.

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      Post racial my ass! If anyone including Russell Simmons truly believe that we live in a post racial era, take a look at the video above. If you are hearing impaired then read the CNN article Video shows white teens driving over, killing black man, says DA.

      Some say Jim Crow died at the hands of the civil rights movement. Maybe so, but Jim Crow has descendants. Two of those descendants who go by the names of Deryl Dedmon, Jr. and John Aaron Rice drove to Jackson Mississippi just to kill a black man because he was a black man. After the two white teens beat James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, while shouting white power, Dedmon ran over a staggering Anderson with his large Ford F250 green pickup truck.

      Racial violene resulting in murder is not new to Jackson, Mississippi. In the early morning of June 12, 1963, just hours after President John F. Kennedy’s speech on national television in support of civil rights, civil rights leader Medger Evers pulled into his driveway just after returning from a meeting with NAACP lawyers. Emerging from his car and carrying NAACP T-shirts that read “Jim Crow Must Go,” Evers was struck in the back with a bullet fired from an Enfield 1917 rifle that ricocheted into his Jackson, Mississippi home. He staggered 9 meters (30 feet) before collapsing. He died at a local hospital 50 minutes later.

      Jim Crow is alive and well through all the Deryl Dedmon, Juniors out in the world. That also includes John Aaron Rice who at this writing has only been charged with simple assault. Can anyone in the Hinds County District Attorney’s office say FELONY MURDER? Where is Nancy Grace when you need her?

      It’s the same OLE’ SCHICKARDY, just different racist butt holes named Deryl Dedmon, Jr. and John Aaron Rice.

      Don’t drop the soap John Aaron Rice and Deryl Dedmon, Jr. , don’t drop the soap!

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        Viola Davis Carries and Delivers The Help

        Last evening, I had the pleasure of seeing The Help in a movie theater in Greensboro, N.C. The Help pays tribute to the black domestic workers particularly those who worked during the civil rights era. This particular story takes place in Jackson Mississippi, a town that is known for arresting and jailing freedom riders and the murder of civil rights leader Medger Evers. In a nutshell the town of Jackson is and will always be known as a racist violent supporter of the unconstitutional Jim Crow laws.

        There of course were those whites who despised the Jim Crow way of life and would stand up to their racist associates. Such is the case in The Help. Sketter, an Ole Miss graduate who is not considered to be attractive comes back home after graduation and finds a job at the Jackson Journal giving cleaning advise to white female aristocracy. Because she was raised by the family’s black maid, she knows nothing about cleaning. While away at college, she is told that their black maid quit to go live with her daughter in Chicago, so she reaches out to a friend’s maid to solicit answers for her cleaning advice column. The maid played by Viola Davis has no choice in the matter and takes on this chore along with caring for a little girl whose mother never touches the child, cooking, washing the clothes, as well as cleaning the entire house.

        While getting the advice from the maid, Sketter decides to write a book about the help, especially after finding out that the maid (played by Cicely Tyson) she loved and adorned was fired. Sketter finds that the maids are reluctant to talking to her, however, after Medger Evers is murdered for registering blacks to vote and a maid is arrested and imprisoned, the maids change their mind.

        The story briefly touches on how these under paid women are cheated out of their social security contribution by employers who build separate bathrooms outside the home for the women to use. Showing that the scars of slavery run deep, it also touches on the domestic violence experienced by these women from their under paid over worked husbands who are treated less than human as well.

        What it doesn’t show is the domestic violence the children experience from the mothers who of course come from a long line of domestic workers dating back to slavery.

        Unlike The Secret Of Bees, the acting is superb. Nothing against Queen Latifah and Alicia Keyes, but these women were not able capture the era, thus rendering their performance dead on arrival. Perhaps they did such a poor job because they had nothing to tap into.

        Oscar nominated Viola Davis who turns 46 today (August 11, 2011) was born on her grandmother’s farm in St. Matthews, South Carolina. Although the two time Tony and Drama Desk award winner grew up in Rhode Island, it appears she was able to tap into her southern roots for this role.

        Considered as one of the best actors whether it be stage or screen, Ms. Davis carried this film on her shoulders and delivered. I can see not only another Oscar nomination, but I can envision Ms. Davis carrying the coveted statute home this time.

        The film is educational as well as entertaining. You will have tears in your eyes, but there are plenty of laughs as well, as the film shows how these hard working women survived the inhuman treatment by their employers whose ignoramus mentality resembles that on Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin.

        In this moronic political environment surrounding the first African American U.S. President, people regardless of color should run out in droves to see this picture. You won’t regret it. Also take look at the trailer above.

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          The protest in Libya is all over the news. The poverish citizens have grown tired of the iron fist ruling of veteran leader Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi and his spendthrift sons.

          We are appalled at Gaddafi’s use of force. Defying demands to step down, Muammar Gaddafi ordered air-strikes against the Libyan protesters.

          American citizens now watch in horror as the protesters fight for democracy unfolds. Similar to the civil rights movement in the United States the protesters have taken to the streets demanding democracy.

          Because of our democratic society here, we vote for our government officials. As a result, we are under the impression that such barbaric behavior displayed by the defiant dictator would never be considered here.

          If Americans think that such barbaric behavior couldn’t happen in our country, think again. We are still learning about the horrors of the Jim Crow era where racial etiquette was and still is the rule of the day.

          The latest revelation is the medical crime perpetrated against 5 year old Vertus Hardiman.

          Imagine being a 5 year old black boy who is subjected to a radiation experiment that leaves your head deformed. Imagine that the high volumes emitted also leaves a hole in your skull. That exactly what happened to young Vertus.

          A film has been made of his ordeal. Entitled Hole In the Head: A Life Revealed Vertus Hardiman, it explores the ugly secret of Hardiman’s experience with an unethical medical profession. Vertus was one of ten children, experimented on with radiation by a county hospital in Indiana during 1927. All attended the same elementary school in Lyles Station, Indiana. The experiment was misrepresented as a newly developed cure for the scalp fungus known as ringworm. In reality the ringworm fungus was merely the lure used to gain access to unsuspecting children whose parents signed permission slips for the treatment blindly. No doubt racial etiquette influence their decision to use these children as guinea pigs.

          Vertus Hardiman was the youngest victim and now at age 84, unburdens himself of an incredible story of this stark medical crime. The crime had severe physical complications for Vertus – namely, a harshly irradiated and malformed head, with an actual hole in the skull.

          Remarkably, not one person in Vertus’ community had ever been aware of this situation – because he always wore a wig and woolen beanie right up to the time he made the disclosure.

          During filming Vertus reveals his secret and in his own words says, “For over 80 years only four individuals outside a few medical specialists have ever seen my condition; I hide it because I look like some monster.” Over his life he was criticized, teased and scorned by those who had no idea what the wig hid for 80 years.

          Four additional survivors of this horrific event had astonishing similarities, but none as far-reaching and severe as Vertus.

          This documentary also shows that the Lyles Station experiments were not an isolated event. One such example involved radiation experiments performed against one hundred thousand darker-skinned immigrant children in Israel in 1951, a tragedy financed by the United States Army. Amazingly, many of these victims arrived on U.S. soil in cages for further study, an attempt to determine human reaction to over-exposure to radiation.

          This story should encourage at high levels a hunger for education, especially for an accurate all inclusive account of American history. Never again should the Jim Crow atrocities be permitted to occur in this country.

          Take a look at the trailer above. If you are not a registered voter, after seeing the trailer, you should run out to nearest Supervisor of Elections office and register. Those who are registered should learn about your candidates and vote not by block delivered by some poverty pimp, but judiciously.

          Remember just like Gaddafi, Jim Crow had children, and grandchildren who are now public officials riding the Tea Party Express.

          We should no doubt support the protest in north Africa, but we should also stay vigilant of threats to democracy in this country, cutting them off at the path. Remember, Never Again!

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