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Do We Still Need A Black History Month?

A few years ago, the subject of black history month came up.  A gentleman of european descent thought that we no longer needed black histroy month.  The man who is a television and radio host stated that he discussed black history every day of the year, and not just for the month of February.  I then asked him to name an African American who had positively impacted his life.  He was so stunned that he could not answer the question right away.  After trying to recover, he stated that he had been room mates with Mickey Schwerner‘s brother, and that Mickey, a non African American whom he never met, had a positve impact on his life. 

After that experience, I decided to go through an all white neighborhood with the same question.  Each person was stunned, and found reasons to leave my presence without answering.

Yes everyday we should discuss history as it pertains to all Americans regardless of color, and we should all know and acknowledge without hesitation the contributions African Americans have made to this country, and what a positve impact it has had on all our lives.  Until we can do that, Black History Month is needed.

What’s your opinion?

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