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Don’t Get Mad At Bill, Hillary and Ferraro. Get Pennsylvania For Obama

By Sam Curtis

Recently, Hillary Clinton declared Republican Presidential candidate John McCain to be qualified to be President of the U.S.   Hillary who is behind in both the delegate count and popular vote has made it clear to me that she would rather see a white republican male back in the White House than to see Barack Obama receive the democratic nomination for the same job. 

Like Michelle Obama, I too was very proud for the first time of this country in its’ ability to transcend racial and gender barriers by embracing an African American and a female for the top job of Commander and Chief.


Unfortunately since the Obama win in the South Carolina primary, Hillary and Bill Clinton have acted with reckless disregard in their bid for the democratic nomination.  Their divisive tactics if not racially intended nevertheless delivers a racially disparate impact as it appeals to narrow minded groups which continue to habor deep hatred for the minorities in this country.


After finding Barack Obama to be a worthy opponent, Hillary and Bill have tried to paint the illusion that Hillary has more experience at being President.   The only person with experience at being President and who is eligible to run is former President Jimmy Carter.  Obama has just as much if not more experience at public office.  Obama was elected and served for seven years as a State Legislator in Illinois before running successfully in 2005 for the U.S. Senate seat he now holds.    Hillary who hints at Obama, the front-runner in this contest as being her Vice President was elected from New York State, a state in which she has no roots.  How in one breath can she find Barack Obama inexperienced, but in another find him experienced enough for the number two spot?   Bill Clinton who also says that Obama would be excellent as Hillary’s Vice President made it clear in his 1992 bid for President, that the Vice President should also have the requisite experience to serve as President in case the President is unable to serve out the term.  

This second hand citizen inference has now been coupled with Geraldine Ferraro’s suggestion that the only reason Obama is in the lead is because he is black.  Ferraro who ran on Walter Mondale’s ticket as the Vice Presidential candidate is the first female to run as such in a major party.   It was stunning to hear those negative words come from a woman who was unjustly vilified during that election.   Obviously still dejected from her experience with the republican men supporting Ronald Regan, Ferraro says that her statement have no racial connotation.  I’m not buying that especially after she inaccurately accuses Obama of not debating the issues with Clinton.   Along with this racial divisiveness we, don’t need another debate.  We also must note that Ferraro is a Clinton fundraiser.   

I’m not opposed to a woman being President.  I’m just opposed to Hillary Clinton being President.  With the reckless disregard she and her tag team partners have displayed as a result of not getting their way with voters, I know that I don’t want her answering the phone at 3:00 AM or 3:00 PM.    The fiscal irresponsible Clinton has demonstrated that she is not a team player and that she along with Bill and Geraldine Ferraro are willing to divide their party along racial lines by using old time racial hate to win votes.  

If Obama should not win the nomination because of these tactics, it is no doubt that the Democratic Party will be irretrievably divided.   John McCain will be elected.

This country cannot take four more years of the conservativeness John McCain represents.  Therefore, I’m reaching out to all Obama supporters regardless of age, race/ethnicity, gender and/or sexual orientation throughout the country to help deliver Pennsylvania to Obama.  Call your friends and family and ask that they register voters who want the change that Obama will bring.  Let’s start the change by getting rid of politicians like Hillary who use racial hatred to divide and destroy our country.Hop on the Obama train for change. Voters must be registered by March 24, 2008 to vote in the April 22, 2008 primary.
You can register online on the rock the vote website click: https://secure5.ctsg.com/rtv/ovr/index.asp?pid=99  to access the site.



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Allen Johnson Thinking Out Loud On Hillary Clinton’s Experience

Hillary’s experience

Is it just me, or has Hillary Clinton built the foundation of her campaign on a dubious and contradictory premise: that she is the “experienced” candidate?  

Here’s the problem with that logic: Much of that “experience,” as she defines it, is experience by association — or more specifically, by marriage.

So, on the one hand, Clinton is a living symbol of the potenital of a smart, tough female candidate to apsire to — and win — the highest office in the country. That’s a good thing.

On the other, she clutches firmly, at times desperately, to her husband’s coattails. Even when she tamped down Bill’s profile, she contnued to hitch a convenient ride on his resume, as if she were president during those two terms, not Bill. That’s not a good thing.

Does she get instant presidential street cred simply because she lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for two terms? So did the Bush twins.

By that logic, a woman (or man, for that matter) who marries a rocket scientist gains, by osmosis, I guess, the credentials of a rocket scientist.

Bret Favre’s wife, Deanna, is experienced in the nuances of quarterbacking an NFL team.

A man who marries a college president is experienced in the art of running an academic institution.

A cop’s wife is a better candidate for the police force.

What it the message here? That marrying a U.S. president naturally qualifies you to be a U.S. president?

The fact is, Hillary’s experience argument is tenuous at best.

She has held one elective office in her entire life — one handpicked in a community in which she had no roots. For the record, Barack Obama, whom she paints as soaking wet behind the ears, has more total elective experience than her.

What it the message here? That marrying a president naturally qualifies you to run for president?

This is not to say Hillary isn’t qualified. This is to say that the experience argument that she emphasizes the most is specious and way overblown. And that it’s questionable how much truth there is in that advertising.


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