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 6:01 PM Central: The Reflection Of The Dream
It is said no matter how long you live, you will be dead longer.  That thought comes to mind as we now recognize the 40th anniversary of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther

King Jr. death.  Dr. King a civil rights giant was assassinated on April 4, 1968 at the Loraine hotel in Memphis Tennessee.  He was 39 years old.

At 6:01 PM on April 4, 1968 the world of African Americans changed.  The world for white America also changed.  For the first time they were faced with a choice in terms of their outward dealings with the African American community.   They could either accept King’s non-violent posture or face the wrath of generations of pinned up frustration of an oppressed African American community.

During his 39 years, King had made some progress in his non-violent campaign.   King ‘s leadership that was undeniably assisted through the work of Bayard Rustin, Thurgood Marshall and Charles Hamilton Houston persuaded President Johnson and the U.S. Congress to pass the civil rights bill and the voting rights act.   King also embarked on a poor people campaign to stomp out poverty in United States.

Now forty years later, we have more black males in jail than school.  Our crumbling school systems are again segregated and unequal.  Replacing the infamous deliberate speed language of the Brown decision is a Supreme Court decision forbidding the use of Race as a way to desegregate.   

As race was an issue during King’s short life, race still rules the day. 

During 911 the media focused on the whites killed.   Several African American school children traveling to Los Angeles after winning a National Geographic award was killed when their plane was deliberately crashed into the Pentagon.  Stephanie Erby perished in the catastrophic downing of the New York twin towers landmark. .  Stephanie had just left her hometown of Mobile Alabama.  Mobile is also the hometown of former Secretary of Labor, Alexis Herman.  Alexis Herman was the first African American to be named to that post. Herman’s godfather Clarence Mathews an unsung civil rights leader and community activist of Mobile was Stephanie’s great uncle.  Although the general public did not hear about Stephanie, they heard about conservative commentator Barbara Olson who was also the wife of Ted Olson.  Barbara was on the same plane that crashed into the Pentagon

Katrina brought to light the poverty that is still in existence in this country.   In it’s coverage, the media characterized blacks as looters, and whites as finders. 

Today we have people loosing their homes in foreclosure.  Once again the focus is on whites.  Jobs are leaving this country, and the focus is still on whites as the victims of the illegal border crossings of Mexicans.

No one should have to face what the homeowners are facing regardless of race.  No one should have experienced the tragic aftermath of Katrina regardless of race.  No one should have to experience a pathetically broken school system regardless of race.

No one should have to look forward to going to prison as his or her only path in life regardless of race.

This was not King’s dream.  King’s dream was a better America for all regardless of race, gender, religion and sexual preference.  The dream also includes our Asian, Latinos and Native American brothers and sisters.  Mexican border crossing is of no moment with the dream.

Forty years ago, the dreamer was killed, but the dream lives on in Presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Many are afraid that he too will meet the same faith.  We mustn’t give in to this fear  We must exercise our rights under the King supported voting rights act and elect the first African American President and possibly the frist Hispanic Vice President.  We must support Obama and protect him from the usual suspects who continue to fan the hate crackling flames with an out of context video snippet of a sermon delivered by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Their action could get both he and Reverend Wright killed.  These racially polarizing homophobic pimps don’t do this because they think Reverend Wright is un-American, they do this in the name of profit. 

Hopefully voting Americans regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual preference will stop today at 6:01 PM central time to reflect on the dream and America’s new nightmare.   Hopefully, this reflection will permit them to realize that the profiteers are not losing their jobs and homes, but instead it’s the same ole schickardy but not just a different butt hole. Instead, it is now their white butt hole in the sling. Hopefully they will listen to the issues instead of the racial rhetoric.  Hopefully, they will take their reflections into the voting booths in both the primary and the national election and select as our next President, the person who will make a change we can all believe in. 

Today at 6:01 PM central time, regardless of race, regardless of gender, regardless of religion and regardless of sexual preference let’s not give into the same ole schichady for we are one.

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