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Now That We Have Elected Barack Obama, Do We Still Need Black History Month?



BY ROCHELLE RILEY Free Press Columnist

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Click Photo to Access Article

I propose that, from this day forward, we stop telling the tale of two Americas and instead document and celebrate the full and storied, multicultural and multidimensional story that is America in all of its colors, geographies and passions, in all of its ups, downs and exhortations.

Rochelle Riley a sister from the Detroit Free Press recently addressed the question on the necessity of Black History Month in an article posted on the Detroit Free Press Blog entitled “Now’s the time to end Black History Month”. Rochelle’s idea is wrapped with plenty of good intentions, but is it probable even after the election of Barack Obama? United States history says no and is indicative of this not being such a good idea.

If she would only tune in each day for The Febone1960.net Black History Month Calendar, she might come to a different understanding. The calendar traces the connectedness of every day people or unsung heroes with well known people and events that paves the road leading to the election of Barack Obama as our very first Black President. The calendar shows that we all make a difference. By the way are you tuning into the febone1960.net black history month calendar? It’s worth a five minute look each and every day. Take a look and see for yourself. Click or cut and paste the following url to access the black history month calendar: http://febone1960.net/calendar09.html.

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