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The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Autobiography or Memoir?


Aex Haley & Malcolm X

Malcolm X was assassinated 46 years ago in the Audubon Ballroom located north of Harlem in Washington Heights. Malcolm who adopted the new name El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz collaborated with writer and journalist Alex Haley in the writing of his autobiography.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is now widely recognized as a major landmark in American literature, and considered essential reading for anyone interested in African American literature, culture and politics. It tells the remarkable story of Malcolm X’s personal, religious and political transformations, and is said to be the most comprehensive text we have for understanding and interpreting Malcolm X’s life.

Manning Marable, Director of the Institute of African American Studies at Columbia University

Professor Manning Marable does not agree and has worked for the last eight years on the biography of Malcolm X. Marable insist that the Autobiography is a memoir and not a biography. A memoir provides the highlights of a life whereas a biography gives all the facts details.

In his own words, Marable tells of the three missing chapters deleted from the autobiography, and other missing information that will be available in his new book entitled Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. According to Marable, the book is due out in 2010 under the Viking Press.

Click Above Haley & Malcolm photo to access the interview.

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