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At Last, Beyonce Has Arrived

Beyonce Knowles and Jamie Foxx are going head to head this weekend for the number one spot at the box office.

Foxx is starring in the true life heart felt story of Nathaniel Ayers Jr. in the Soloist.

Knowles is starring in Obsessed. Ms. Beyonce holds her own in this driller. There is no doubt that she has come along way since appearing on screen for the first time in Carmen The Hip Hopra. Rich with talented young actors, the hip hopram which was directed by Robert Townsend was just wacked.

Fortunately Knowles picked film projects that made us forget about that horrible hip hop version of Carmen. Dorothy Dandridge probably turned over in her grave. The subsequent roles also prepared her for a superb performance in Obsessed.

The theater was packed, and “B” got an ovation for opening up a can of you know what on the deranged trophy girl. Well a trophy girl if you’re a Peterphile ( men who like women with a pre puberty child’s body).

The suspense moves the film, making you enjoy every minute and second. Beyonce and her father also serves as executive producers. Could directing be next? Shuffle aside Robert Townsend.

The movie is not the black version of Fatal Attraction. Idris Elba is much easier on the eyes than Michael Douglas’ pale butt, and the story line is very different.

I predict that Beyonce and Obsessed will win the weekend box office. So take out the time and go see both films. It’s worth it.

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