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Sometimes You Just Want to Laugh


Kim Wayans Is This Generations' Carol Burnett

I called it fun Friday, and it was truly that for me at yesterday’s Black Theatre Festival.

Kim Wayans had opened her one woman show the night before. I had not stuck around at the Marriott the night before to get the “feed black”. No, I did not misspell it. This is a term that Roger “Magnum PI” Mosely came up with by accident at Wednesday’s news conference. Feed black is feed back about the many black productions included in the festival.

Before going to the festival on Friday, I pondered whether to go see Zora, a tribute to Zora Neale Hurston, or to see Kim Wayans one woman show entitled “A Handsome Black Woman Retreats”.

Kim is a member of the talented Wayans family. A matter of fact she is the only female sibling of Keenan Ivory, Damon, Shawn etc.

I set back and remembered her hilarious skits from “In Living Color”. I had tried days before to get T’ Keyah Crystal Keymah one of Wayans cast members from ” In Living Color”, to spill the beans, but she insisted that I see the show.

T’Keyah has great taste, but still I pondered.

Iona Morris, daughter of “Mission Impossible” Greg Morris and star and producer of the sexually two woman play “Moist” was directing the show and that was a good sign that it would be interesting. Of course T’Keyah told me not to expect “Moist” which was a midnight hit two festivals in a row.

Okay I thought let me think about this. In my thoughts I remembered Wayans’ visit to the Oprah Winfrey show where she tearfully apologized for her hilarious parody of a fat Winfrey. Oprah seemed to be okay with the skit and was just as shocked as the audience at Kim’s tears.

What is going on with Kim I thought. Had she lost her edge? Well it was only one way to find out. Go and see for myself. So I headed to the Summit school for the afternoon show.

The show turns out to be a one woman autobiographical show. Kim took the audience through the pain of growing up as the only girl in the housing project unit of Wayans.

I haven’t laughed so hard since the Carol Burnett Show. As a matter of fact, Kim Wayans is this generations’ Carol Burnett. If you remember those Saturday night shows of Carol Burnett that still brings me to hysterical laughter, you know what I’m talking about.

Wayans by no means try to imitate Burnett. Kim is just naturally talented in the same way as Burnett.

The one woman show is also written by the funny lady which makes her a double threat. The bottom line: Kim Wayans is a genius.

Move over Carol and pass the baton for the new comical genius has arrived.

Too bad that the brain dead folks in Hollywood can’t see it. I would certainly rather see this genius on television than all the reality crap that clogs the major networks during prime time.

I think TBS needs to work her in as a pleasing alternative to the House Of Payne and Meet the Browns. I’m not saying get rid of those shows, for they have an audience. However, there are folks out here whose just not that into the two shows, but can definitely get into the comedic stylings of Kim Wayans.

People, listen up, Kim surpasses her brothers in comedy. So if you have a chance to see her in action, don’t hesitate to go because sometimes you just want to laugh, and laugh you will.

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