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5 MINUTES OF GRACE: “Punctuation Marks”


Inspired by a sermon from Pastor Thaddeus Eastland, Hope Church Pearland, Texas (HarvestofPraiseExhaulted.org)



Without punctuation marks, life runs together; the past with the present; the present with the future. Because the present is the future. What you do today will determine what your life will look like tomorrow.

How will you label your life this New year? What will be your central theme? These are questions I asked myself thanks to a recent sermon by Pastor Thaddeus Eastland of Hope Church.

Through his message I made an agreement with myself. I share this with you in hopes that it will uplift your life as it has mine.

Using my full name I proclaim:
“____________2010 is a “year of Grace and Celebration”. Thanks, thanksgiving, and blessings overflowing. Grace for all the things that went right in 2009. Grace for being here another year. Grace for having the freedom to choose what my life will look like today, tomorrow and the years to come.

I, _______________ Put a period at the end of 2009. I make a decision now to start new for 2010: A new paragraph, a new chapter, a new book and leave the past behind, I claim my good now. With perfect faith, I claim my right to joy, health, love, happiness and abundant wealth.

I give myself permission to move forward; free of past actions, old baggage, open wounds, unhealed hurts. I end my past baggage train caboose now. I close the door to my past and open new doors to my success and praise: triumphant, peaceful and protected.

I, ____________ exercise my freedom to choose a rich life , to re-order my steps, to breathe refocused, to take a break, to start a new heading, to end a chapter, to end a book, to start a new story, or to change my course altogether. I choose freedom; Freedom to be the best person I can be. I choose joy, love, happiness, grace, faith and blessings overflowing.
I Choose Grace. I Choose Faith. I Choose Thanksgiving.

My old long sentences melt away as I give thanks for the good that exists in my life now and the increased success yet to come. I expect and receive my unexpected Good as I choose Success. I choose growth. I choose deliverance and faith.

So I, ____________ choose Grace. I ___________Choose Thanksgiving and I_________ enjoy the blessed life I was meant to live. For this and all my blessings, Oh Lord, I do give Thee thanks.

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