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Spiritual Renewal and the Art of Giving Thanks

Webster defines Grace as,” the love and favor of God.
Divine influence renewing the heart. Mercy, pardon, favor conferred;
A license, dispensation or particular privilege, elegance with appropriate dignity, and refinement. Favor, goodwill or kindness. A beauty or element in what pleases the eye.

Therefore, grace is “a virtue or special favor coming from God to help all of us improve the moral condition of our lives and bring about a spiritual renewal or revival”. Grace is a privilege, a pardon. Grace is the mercy we are afforded as Children of God.

As children we were taught to “say grace” or give thanks to God at the dinner table for the bounty of food that was before us. But as adults do we sometimes forget to say “grace” for all of the other special favors or gifts that God has given us? How about waking up in the morning and instead of saying “My God, it’s Monday”, say “Thank you God for this Morning”.

We can start out giving Grace or thanks to God for the good that already exists in our lives. We can thank God for blessings big & small and watch those blessings multiply abundantly.

It is said that “the best things in life are free”. I’m sure that every one of you has something to be thankful for. How often do you take the time to give thanks or Grace? Why not start now, at this very moment. Start now giving thanks and experiencing grace.

Today, right where you are, grab a pen and pad and list 50 things you have to be thankful for. The first thing could be for your uniqueness; for the blessing of being alive and unlike anyone or anything else in the universe, for the gift of sight to even read these words, for the ability to comprehend, for the opportunity to grow and develop.

Give thanks for the person who gave you a compliment and made you smile; for the friend who sent you a card for no reason, or the neighbor who picked up trash in front of your door: for the meal you ate recently or the gift you received, or the person who wrote the last great book you read. For health, friends, family, the sound of birds chirping or the whisper of the wind; a sunset or sunrise or for simply being able to get out of bed this morning. We all have at least some of these free treasures: How about giving Grace or thanks for life: simply for being alive?

In the weeks to come, let us together explore ways to find and have more Grace in our lives; to find more favor with God and with ourselves. As Children of God we already have our Father’s favor. Let us exude this confidence with elegance, dignity and refinement by living a Joy Filled Life. Uplifting and life affirming thoughts will bring you all the good you desire and help you grow stronger in your faith.

Until next time,

Edna Jane Lorey

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