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Window Seat Video: 1 SHOT TO BE ERYKAH

Click Photo To View Video

Click Photo To View Video

Erykah Badu is not only a signature artist, but she has proven to also be a marketing genius. The social network known as Twitter is all abuzz with Tweeters reaction to Erykah Badu’s new video for her new single entitled Window Seat. The video can be seen by clicking the photo at the right. Warning: it contains NUDITY.

According to a tweet from Badu, the video was shot in 2 minutes guerilla style, with no crew , 1 take , no closed set , no warning , in downtown Dallas. Afterward, Badu indicates that they ran like hell.

Below are Erykah Badu’s thoughts expressed in through her weekend tweets. By the way, the C will be availble in stores tomorrow.

“I was afraid But I was ready” tweeted Badu. ” We only had 1 shot to get it right . We didn’t plan the shot . Coodie and I just went raw dog . Too busy lookin for cops and being petrified.

I remember tweeting that day.”okay here goes nothing” I felt like I was going2 do something life threatening. 1nce hoody unzip-no tur’n back. It was St Patrics day in Dallas . I was at the grassy knoll . Although I was thinking 1 million things as I walked I didn’t see anything …

Heard people yelling diff things @ me but I held my head up and kept moving. There were children there. I prayed they wouldn’t be traumatized…


The people caught in the shot were trying hard to ignore me . lol cept one guy grbbing clothes… it was the peeps off camera yelling .

He dissapeared. Didnt have time to look for him or clothes . we ran

Didn’t remember what kind of undies I wore that day soI checked 1st b4 removing pants.lol. I knew my intent was good. That thought made it ok.

Funny thing is , the physical nudity is nothing lol . I been naked all along in my words actions and deeds . Thats the real vulnerable place

I talked to Matt on the phone earlier. Before I pulled up in the Lincoln .Kim texted to me “did you do it, thats some crzy sht right?”right.

Had to put money in the meter cause I had to leave my car incase cops came … after last action , we ran like hell ! lol

Hours before I talked to Mama. She said she wasn’t fully in favor but she had my back.

Asked 7 what he would do if teased -he said ill tell em my mom is great she was having fun…i immediately took myself less serious. He is 12.

I told puma (5) my plans . She looked at me with a blank face and replied . Ok mama . Can I have another pudding ?

My family travels with me everywhere i go .mom, sis,bro ,2 cousins , granny mans archives and schedule at home .they all love me. Are honest.

I told my family.”I want you to know that the things I do r not ever 2b seen as a reflection of u. im me.uncle mike said,u the shit,period.

I asked @jayelectronica if I should go threw with it . He said . IF YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT DO IT – YOU GOT 1 SHOT TO BE ERYKAH.”

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