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Today is January 3, 2011. It is the first week in the New Year in a new decade in the new Millennium or the 21st Century.

Three days from now, 112th U.S. Congress will convene under the leadership of John Boehner,a republican from Reading, Ohio.

Above Boehner spells out the Agenda of the newly elected Republican majority Congress before breaking down into tears of his chase of the American Dream.

What Is The American Dream? Does it mean the same to every person living within the United States? If not does Boehner and all the elected officials have a duty to represent those individuals whose American Dream differ from their interpretation of the American Dream?

Febone1960.net Blog will address these questions in the following days weeks and maybe months in this Series called Chasing The American Dream.

We must first understand how John Boehner defines the American Dream. Recently, Boehner was interviewed for the television program 60 Minutes. Lesley Stahl, the interviewer took us into the world of John Boehner. Well, she took us into the world he wanted the viewers to see. Below is that interview.Boehner points out the differences between he and President Obama. We will explore this tomorrow.

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