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The Brilliance Of Obama: A Trump Circumcision

President Obama
Donald Trump decided to pick a beef with the United States first black Commander and Chief. Trump turned up the fuel with a non issue known as birther attacks and under strong criticism the racial innuendos he refused to retract.

The brilliance of Obama soon would bloom, so beautiful and bright Trump would not recognize his swift doom.

First, President Obama lured Trump in and released the long form of his certificate of birth. Trump took the bait and walked boldly onto the President’s turf. Wasn’t hard for President Obama to know that Trump would swallow for a few years ago this idiot bullied Rosie O’Donnell. Last night Trump paid the cost to find that he really isn’t a smart boss. The fight he picked with the true Commander and Chief he clearly had lost.

Trump walked into the correspondent dinner as an invite of the Washington Post. Continuing to show his brilliance, President Obama was such a gracious host. Displaying so simply why he was Columbia and Harvard choice, Trump sat stoned faced not a squeak from his arrogant voice. Then Mr. President turned it over to Seth Meyers who circumcised Trump. It was probably then that the Donald realizes he had been setup like a chump. Meyers sliced and diced and criticized Trump’s hair piece twice. In other words, Meyers comments although funny, weren’t very nice.

From the look on Trumps’ face the circumcision shocked his balls, slamming those raisins up against the wall. By the time Meyers was finished, Donald Trump’s fame and name and Presidential aspirations had been diminished.

Went on Fox and Friends trying to make his whining sound like an arrogant boast, in the reality of reality he knows his rump is now toast.

Trump the whiner now stands side by side with Imus the old timer. Another fool who thought insulting blacks for ratings would be cool.

Will I make a good President from Trumps mouth he should ask no mo’, because we all know the answer is hell to the no!

If you missed the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner on C-SPAN, take a look at the youtube videos below.

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