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The Tale Of Two Countries

In FOSHAN, China a two-year-old Chinese girl is dead after she was struck by two vehicles and then ignored by more than a dozen passersby as she lay bleeding in the street. Little Yue Yue, died Monday after slipping into a coma from severe brain injuries following Thursday’s accident. The South China Morning Post reported that the vehicles struck the innocent child after she wandered out of her parents’ shop in Foshan, which is part of the southern Guangdong province near Hong Kong.

Closed-circuit television footage of 18 people walking past her body without helping her. You can see the video of the incident and the failure of people to provide assistance in the video above. The video which is in Chinese is very graphic.

Zurana Horton Gives Her Life To Save School Kids

Here in the United States, some unknown(s) with a gun opened fire on a street as students were let out of school Friday afternoon, killing one parent who had tried to shield children from harm. Unlike the baby Yue Yue case, 34-year-old Zurana Horton hovered over students to protect them as shots were being fired from a nearby roof top. The heroine was struck in the face and chest and was pronounced dead at the scene in the Brownville neighborhood located in southeastern Brooklyn.

In both cases there exist a callous disregard for human life. In this country we still have respect for human life as shown by the action of Ms. Horton, but how long will this exist if we continue to not stand up against senseless crime? How long if we continue to not have respect for one another regardless of race, religion, sex, disabilities, nationality, political ideology, and sexual preference?

Tolerance which we have been practicing since the days of civil rights is not working, and has run out. Respect regardless of our differences should be the order of the day. Tolerance is temporary but respect is forever. We can disagree and still show respect for one another.

Although we are in debt to the Chinese who have supported our deficit spending over the past years as a result of some unsound policies from our government leaders, we don’t have to become them.

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