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No Victory, But Justice For Paris Whitehead-Hamilton

“I got justice today, but no victory. I’m numb because lives have been changed today. Now we just have to move forward.” These are the words of Shenita Williams. Shenita and her family’s world was changed on April 5, 2009 when her 8 year old niece was killed as she slept in her home.

Paris Whitehead-Hamilton was hit once in the upper torso about 2:20 a.m. Sunday as more than 50 bullets from a semiautomatic rifle poured into her home in Bartlett Park, a neighborhood south of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. See Gunfire Kills 8 Year Old Girl As She Sleeps Inside Her Home

Dondre Davis, Duong Nyugen and Stephen Harper were found guilty of the first degree murder of 8-year-old Paris Whitehead-Hamilton, and were sentenced to life without parole this week.

Nyugen’s lawyer had said he was falsely accused and Harper’s attorney said he should face a lesser charge because he never fired a gun.

The prosecution successfully argued that they were all involved in the drive-by shooting that killed the little girl and should each be found guilty of first degree murder.

Paris’ cousin, addressed the three defendants, “We have prayed about it, and we have forgiven you all. We did not agree to take a life for a life. We spared your lives, although you took our loved one from us.”

The judge sentenced each of the defendants to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

There was no victory, but there was justice for Paris Whitehead-Hamilton.

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