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It’s All About The Training


I have a pit bull that I rescued more than five years ago. Ruby is just as sweet as she can be. All the kids in the neighborhood thinks she cool and love to play to with her.

Ruby who is very friendly knows no strangers. Once she left the yard and went next door to play with a woman who was new to the neighborhood. The lady screamed until Ruby laid her head in the woman’s lap and looked up to her with puppy eyes. Now this lady goes out her way to see Ruby and inquires about her when she sees me at the supermarket

I’ve had some neighbors to object, and I’ve stopped going to the dog park because of the snooty dog bigots. One woman at the dog park called the police for no reason. The police officer played with Ruby, and gave her a big hung as we left. In return, Ruby licked the officer’s face leaving him with a smile.

I have two other rescued dogs who entertain the kids in neighborhood by jumping through a Hoola Hoop. Ruby is not a jumper, but she will walk through it. She also has a little dance that does before we start our morning walk. I probably should have named her Happy Feet.

When it comes to pit bulls or any dog, it’s all in the training.

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