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Octavia Spencer Busting Out In “THE HELP”

Viola Davis (left) Octavia Spenser

You may not know the name, but you’ve seen her face. Octavia Spenser is a very busy actress. Ms. Spenser has appeared in three films for this year. That is busy in Hollywood, especially for a woman of color in these hard economic times.

One of those films is “The Help”. Octavia Spenser is busting out in “The Help”. After you see her outstanding performance, you will never forget her name. The name Octavia Spencer will roll off your tongue as easy as Halle Berry.

The film will make you cry, but Octavia’s character Minny won’t let your tears stream for long.

It appears that the producers of this film got it right when it came to casting. Like Viola Davis, Spencer is a product of the south. Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, the comedic actress attended Auburn University. Spencer is remarkable with her facial expressions, and can deliver a line without saying a word.

In a previous post I boosted about Viola Davis carrying and delivering in The Help. Octavia’s performance greatly assist in the delivery. I can also see an Oscar nomination for Ms. Octavia Spenser. I would not be surprised if she carried home a gold statute.

The Golden Globe may also be in the cards for both of these fine actresses.

It has been brought to my attention that some people are insisting that people should not go out to see this amazing film. I don’t agree. I think this film is the product of a well written script, and the acting from the entire cast is superb.

Further, it pays homage to a group of women who are so deserving. My maternal grandmother was a member of this reverent group of hard working women. I remember her having a rough life like the women in the film. I also remember her giving me unconditional love. I felt her presence through Viola’s performance. She was a strong no nonsense woman when it came to white people, so I also felt her presence through Octavia’s performance. Oh she would have enjoyed this film! I can see her now laughing uncontrollably at Minny’s revenge.

The film didn’t nor could it touch on every despicable act they were faced with. This film is not about the relationship with the white men, but with the white women who had charge of the household. The film appears to have adequately described that relationship.

As I said earlier, regardless of race, people should run out in droves to see this educational yet entertaining film.

Look forward to seeing you at the Oscars Viola and Octavia.

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