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Barack Obama got back to the issues of the campaign today after taking a few days off in the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Obama told an enthusiastic audience in Greensboro, N.C. that although he was young and still had time to run for the Presidency, America couldn’t wait.  America needs change now or it is headed for destruction.

The question before the American voters is whether Mr. Obama is the person to save America?  He thinks he is, and so do I.

Let’ exam this by first looking at his democratic opponent.

Just weeks ago, Hillary Clinton through an ad campaign ask America who would they want to answer a phone at 3:00 AM.  Now she is claiming sleep deprivation in her “mispoken” declarations of being under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996.  Of course this sleep deprivation excuse comes days after she repeatedly told the media that she was indeed under sniper fire with her daughter Chelsea.  Also along on that trip was Cheryl Crow and Sinbad.  Turns out Sinbad who is a comedian busted the Presidential hopeful when he stated that he didn’t recall being under attack.  The media decided to do some homework and found footage of trip.  The footage shows a casual Hillary Clinton taking her time with the greeting committee which was accompanied by a group of school children.  These children recited poems to the then first lady.

Senator McCain the republican nominee blames the victims of shady mortgage brokers for their impending foreclosures and don’t think that the goverment should lift a finger to assist them.  Of course, if the government had done their job as regulators, perhaps these tax paying voters would not be in the situation they are in.  John McCain who wants to remain in Iraq indefnitely and admits that he is like a fish out of water when it comes to the economy has a business as usual agenda that may be confused with the baby Bush agenda.  This kind of non-thinking can deliver us back to Hooverville.

Mr. Obama on the other hand wants to assist these trusting citizens.  Again he stressed his plan for health care and his plan for restoring a crumbling economy.  He let it be known that he would represent all of the people and not special interest groups.  Mr. Obama also wants better treatment of our military especially when they return home.  Calling for better pay for public school teachers, education is also an important item on his change America agenda.

We really don’t know what Hillary’s position is because she is too busy trying to dig herself out of her Bosnia lie, oops, I mean embellishment.  James Carville referring to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as a Judas for exercising his constitutional right to endorse Mr. Obama; Bill Clinton accusing Mr. Obma of picking on his wife which if true is better than what he himself did to her during that whole Monica Lewisky scandal; as well as Hillary’s continual assault on Reverend Jeremiah Wright seems to be the Clinton you can’t believe a word that I say becuase I will do and say anything to win and if I can’t win I won’t let Mr. Obama win agenda. 

The half minute sound byte played over and over again of the controversial statements spoken by Reverend Wright has served its purpose in making white Americans uncomfortable with Mr. Obama.  Denoucing the words where not enough for some.  Because he did not do what they expected and kick his former pastor and spiritual adviser under the bus, they now ponder whether he agrees with the controversial statements. 

A few responsible journalist thought it fair to hear the sermon in its’ entirety before condeming Reverend Wright and Barack Obama.  In doing so Roland Martin found that Reverend Wright was quoting Edward Peck, the former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, and deputy director to President Reagan terroism task force who was speaking on record to the usual suspects.

Please click below to access the article written by Roland Martin.  At the bottom of his article, you will be able to play the sermon and will see how it was taken out of context. 

It’s the same ole shickady just a different butt hole.





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