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Newt’s Pimping, Prostitution & Drugs or Janitor In A Drum America’s Only Option: Not So Says The President

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Obama says the middle class is in jeopardy. Many think that the backs of the middle class have been broken by the antics of the financial institutions. Thus, the making of Occupy Wall Street.

Recently, President Obama made a speech to the 99 percent who have seen their movement disbanded across the country, sometimes in violence and often with multiple arrest. The President’s speech seemed to echo the sentiments of Teddy Roosevelt who gave a speech in the same location in 1910.

101 years have seen a lot of changes. In 1910, we were still an agriculture society but was we were also firmly entrenched in our industrial revolution. The decade of the 1910s was the age of the great industrialist and financier.

Yet as we look and compare the different time periods, it appears that we are back in the 1910s. The root of most of the problems of urbanization and immigration was in the economic status of most of the people at the time. The main source of work in the cities was factory jobs, which had their wages regulated by the tyrants who owned the factories. Since there was a great abundance of workers, both poor farmers who moved to the city seeking financial freedom and immigrants who came to America because they had heard it was the land of milk and honey, there was no need for the factories to entice workers with high wages. Therefore, the working middle class was actually not much of a middle class at all! They had to struggle to make ends meet.

Families who had no savings were forced to place their votes for whether the father’s union goes on strike. Due of to a lack of money to be used as a cushion during the time the workers were on strike, many people did not have the ability to fight for higher wages and better conditions. If they went on strike, they would no longer have the money to buy food and pay rent. For these reasons, the working conditions in the cities had little improvement over the years.

To make ends meet, families had to send their children off to work in the factories. Young boys often had to sit and pick out pieces of slate from coal, hurting his hands, running the risk of getting killed, and suffering health problems from breathing the coal dust-all for just sixty cents a day. For some families, this was the only option they saw to keep food on the table.

Today, sitting pretty as a member of the 1 percent Newt Gingrich recommends that poor kids (who were once middle class until the financial collapse) work as janitors in their schools. Otherwise Newt believes that they are destine for a life in prostitution, pimping and drugs.

Take a look at President Obama as he speaks words of inspiration to the 99 percent.

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