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Terri Cardozo Makes The Connection Through Genealogy


Genealogy has become very popular in the United States. The Black community has also become interested in their family history as a result of Alex Haley’s “Roots”, and Dr. Henry “Skip” Gates’ PBS series entitled “Black American Lives”. NBC has just started a third season of the show “Who Do You Think You Are?”

All of these shows are interesting, but they all focus on the rich and famous. Febone1960.net thought that it would be nice to give a forum to not so rich and famous people who’ve worked studiously on their family history for a number of years.

These folks know that it isn’t as quick and easy as it appears on these shows, to research your history. They do know something that these celebrities don’t know as a result of someone else doing the work. They know the hard work that goes behind it, and they also know the exhilaration when they actually make a connection to their past. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s still exciting to unfold the mystery of the family’s past.

Terri Cardozo decided to take us up on our offer to discuss her exciting discovery about her maternal grandfather, Charles Howard Matthews.

Below, Terri reveals some of the process of searching your family roots. Above she talks about her discovery on her grandfather and the time period in which he lived in a video. Take a read and a look. Download the podcast to access the video above and read Terri Story to find out about her method of research.

Terri Cardozo’s Story:

It has been a rewarding experience working with Febone1960.net on this project.

I became intrigued with the history of my grandfather, Charles Howard Matthews, when I read his Obituary, many years after his death. With the help of my sister Janice, we began our research.

Slowly we fitted the pieces together, creating a picture of his life – as if we were working on a crossword puzzle.

Fortunately,our Aunt Jean, (Geneva, his youngest daughter) was still alive. Though in her 90′s, she was still able to answer our questions – give names to people in photo’s and recite stories that helped to add color to the documents we found.

We asked family members to look for old photo’s, most shared, some did not.

The more questions answered, the more they generated.

We accept the fact that this will be a life long quest.

Genealogist – Librarians were extremely encouraging, helping us to think outside the box, pointing us in new directions.


We would be most grateful if anyone who has any knowledge of our grandfather’s career, would share it with us. Please contact me, TerriCardozo@febone1960.net

Are you interested in discovering your family history? Have you already started and would like to share one of your stories by video? Email us at familyhistory@febone1960.net.

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