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Jennifer Hudson Delivers An Elegant Beam Of Light Tribute To A Deserving Whitney Houston


This morning I was on twitter with actress Pam Grier who tweeted the following to me on her meeting Whitney Houston:

febone1960net Sam Curtis
@PamGrier Did you ever have the opportunity to meet Whitney?

Pam Grier PamGrier
@febone1960net yes, I have in LA. After her concert. She was elegant and beaming of light.

A beam of light with elegance is exactly what Jennifer Hudson delivered as a tribute to a so deserving Whitney Houston.

The autopsy was completed yesterday and although the toxicology report is pending there are reports that Ms. Houston did not drown.

According to TMZ, the family was informed there was not enough water in Houston’s lungs for her death to be ruled a drowning accident, as it was previously assumed. Sources say the late singer may have died before her head was submerged from a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs that were mixed with alcohol.

The Los Angeles coroner’s office denies that they discussed whether prescription medications and drowning played a role in Whitney Houston’s death. In an news conference, assistant chief coroner Ed Winter was repeatedly asked about Internet reports that those issues had been brought up in discussions with Houston’s family. While allowing that Beverly Hills police may have had such discussions, Winter said he is the one who’s been in contact with Houston’s family, and the topics were not broached.

Winter said the death investigation was ongoing and that a cause of death would not be announced before toxicology tests were performed. When asked, he said examiners would be testing “blood and urine, just the routine toxicology tests that we do.”
The Houston family has revealed that it was an aunt, Mary Jones, who discovered Houston’s body in the bathtub. It is reported that the iconic singer/actress was in the bathroom for more than an hour when Jones entered to find her lifeless body. Jones began administering CPR which, unfortunately, was not enough.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston deserves one other final thing. Whitney Elizabeth Houston deserves to be home. Bring her home Cissy. Bring your angel home so she can rest in peace.

Take a look above at Jennifer Hudson’s emotional tribute to the voice of an angel: Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

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