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(June 10) — Jyoti Amge, a little girl with big dreams, is about to make her small-screen debut.
Jyoti, reputed to be the smallest girl in the world, will be featured Thursday on ‘Bodyshock’, a British television series, London’s Daily Mail reported.

At 15, Jyoti measures just under 2 feet tall and weighs only 12 pounds — 9 pounds more than she did at birth. Jyoti is believed to have pituitary dwarfism, but doctors have not been able to definitively diagnose her condition.

Despite the challenges posed by being small, Jyoti enjoys a relatively normal life, attending school in her town of Nagpur, India. She has a desk, chair and uniform made especially for her, though Jyoti still grapples with oversized textbooks and writing utensils.

“When I first went to school everyone was so big I used to get scared,” Jyoti told the Daily Mail. “But I’m okay now, I like it… I’m a normal student.”

Jyoti enjoys fashion and makeup like any teenager, and dreams of being a film star. Doctors have told Jyoti they expect her to remain the same size for the rest of her life.

In spite of her small stature, Jyoti has a big dose of confidence: “I am proud of being the smallest girl,” she said. “I love all the attention I get. I’m not scared of being small, and I don’t regret being small.”

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