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Heavy D & Erykah Badu

I met Heavy D in the mid 90s at Uptown Records through Shyheim. The three of us chatted briefly. I was impressed that this polite young man was so professional and smart. At that time he was head of Uptown Records.

I did not have the chance to meet him again, but I saw him on film. First was in the film Cider House Rules. I was blown away by both he and Erykah Badu’s performance. Heavy D appeared on a number of television shows and films throughout the years. His acting improved each and every time.

Now they tell me he has transitioned at the young age of 44. Too young too talented to be gone.

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago at 8:59 pm. Add a comment

    Wanda Sykes Takes Middle Seat In The Badu Controversy

    Wanda Sykes brings a humerous twist to Erykah Badu’s marketing ploy in her parody of Badu’ Window Seat video.
    Even Badu had to laugh at Middle Seat, because it is hilarious. Take a look above and decide for yourself.

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      Posted 4 years, 6 months ago at 10:18 am. Add a comment

      The Butt Naked Truth Is Powerful

      Erykah Badu Strolling Dealey Plaza

      Erykah Badu Strolling Dealey Plaza

      It is said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and Erykah Badu is proving that it is true. On March 26, 2010 at 3:33 AM, Ms. Badu released a video to introduce her single entitled Window Seat from her new CD Amerykah Part II.

      In the video it appears that Ms. Badu is strolling down Dealey Plaza in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. During this stroll the Grammy award winner begins shedding her top clothing which includes a trench coat and a hooded pullover. She also sheds her footware. As she gets closer to the grassy knoll known for the spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, Badu sheds all her clothing and appears to be strolling in front of people including children completely nude.

      At the spot where Kennedy was shot you hear a gunshot and the naked Erykah falls to the ground. A blue graphic spelling out the words Group Think appears near her head as if it was blood streaming from a head wound.

      According to Badu from her twitter page “groupthink=the unwritten rule that states; i will not express my true opinion if it opposes those i love and fear .i volunteer to censor me. groupthink = yelling ” CRUCIFY HIM !!!!…” and u just walked up with no understanding of him nor IT”

      GroupThink is the process of joining a group that one shares a commonality and following the group without question even if doing so is detrimental.

      Tea Party groups, race, religion, sexual orientation, political parties, you name it, America has it’s fair share of groupthink.

      As Badu twitters her group think lesson, supporters and opposition is lining up, thus clearly making Badu point.

      Without question the video has gotten more attention than any hugh amount advertising dollars could buy. The opposing sides have voice their opinions. Some have done so without viewing the video but on word of mouth, while those who viewed the video did so without really seeing it.

      The dividing line is whether it was okay for Ms. Badu to strip butt naked in public at this historical site in the presence of people including their children.

      My question is whether Ms. Badu stripped at this historical site in the presence of people including children.

      Ms. Badu through her tweets insist the video was shot for 2 minutes guerilla style without any camera tricks.

      Well, the entire video is more than 5 minutes. The initial minutes of the video was probably shot without a permit at the historical site in the presence of the people who were there that day. A careful look will show these people noticing Ms. Badu and the camera as they passed by. Some even stopped to watch. You can clearly see in the shot someone pciking up her trenchcoat, hooded pullover and shoes.

      Everything seems to change after this including the clothing being worn by the people. We go from long sleeves and jackets to short sleeves and shorts.

      The people also seem to not just be ignoring Ms Badu as she suggest, but they don’t even seem to know that she is there. Further no one called the police, and no one took pictures or videos with their camera phones. And most of all, no one came over when she hit the sidewalk. We are talking about white people, who would not have hesitate to use their cell phones to call the authorities. We are talking about white folks who would have gone over to assist Ms. Badu as she dropped to the sidewalk.

      The opening credits of the video indicates that Badu was inspired by Matt and Kim’s video entitled Lessons Learned. If you compare the Window Seat video to the Lessons Learned video you will see that Kim and Matt also had someone to pick up their clothing to a certain point.

      There is undoubtedly stripping in both videos, but it’s unlikely that the stripping occurred in public.

      Most likely the stripping occurred on a set in front of a green screen. You know this to be true, since we know that Kim wasn’t actually hit by the bus.

      Up until yesterday, there were no complaints called into the Dallas police. This is rather suspect. We don’t know whether someone is taking a chance and calling in because they wish to see Erykah punished for what is perceived to be stripping in public or if the Badu camp called it in to not only continue the publicity but to also continue the Groupthink lesson.

      Whatever the case, Badu will only have to pay a fine of no more than $500.00. It would cost more to defend it in court, which might mean that Badu will just write a check.

      Either way it is such a small cost to teach us all about not taking into account the details and thinking before we take a side to either support or condemn an individual and/or an act.

      That is the naked truth and like Badu the teacher says “The Butt Naked Truth Is Powerful”.

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        Posted 4 years, 6 months ago at 9:30 am. Add a comment

        Window Seat Video: 1 SHOT TO BE ERYKAH

        Click Photo To View Video

        Click Photo To View Video

        Erykah Badu is not only a signature artist, but she has proven to also be a marketing genius. The social network known as Twitter is all abuzz with Tweeters reaction to Erykah Badu’s new video for her new single entitled Window Seat. The video can be seen by clicking the photo at the right. Warning: it contains NUDITY.

        According to a tweet from Badu, the video was shot in 2 minutes guerilla style, with no crew , 1 take , no closed set , no warning , in downtown Dallas. Afterward, Badu indicates that they ran like hell.

        Below are Erykah Badu’s thoughts expressed in through her weekend tweets. By the way, the C will be availble in stores tomorrow.

        “I was afraid But I was ready” tweeted Badu. ” We only had 1 shot to get it right . We didn’t plan the shot . Coodie and I just went raw dog . Too busy lookin for cops and being petrified.

        I remember tweeting that day.”okay here goes nothing” I felt like I was going2 do something life threatening. 1nce hoody unzip-no tur’n back. It was St Patrics day in Dallas . I was at the grassy knoll . Although I was thinking 1 million things as I walked I didn’t see anything …

        Heard people yelling diff things @ me but I held my head up and kept moving. There were children there. I prayed they wouldn’t be traumatized…


        The people caught in the shot were trying hard to ignore me . lol cept one guy grbbing clothes… it was the peeps off camera yelling .

        He dissapeared. Didnt have time to look for him or clothes . we ran

        Didn’t remember what kind of undies I wore that day soI checked 1st b4 removing pants.lol. I knew my intent was good. That thought made it ok.

        Funny thing is , the physical nudity is nothing lol . I been naked all along in my words actions and deeds . Thats the real vulnerable place

        I talked to Matt on the phone earlier. Before I pulled up in the Lincoln .Kim texted to me “did you do it, thats some crzy sht right?”right.

        Had to put money in the meter cause I had to leave my car incase cops came … after last action , we ran like hell ! lol

        Hours before I talked to Mama. She said she wasn’t fully in favor but she had my back.

        Asked 7 what he would do if teased -he said ill tell em my mom is great she was having fun…i immediately took myself less serious. He is 12.

        I told puma (5) my plans . She looked at me with a blank face and replied . Ok mama . Can I have another pudding ?

        My family travels with me everywhere i go .mom, sis,bro ,2 cousins , granny mans archives and schedule at home .they all love me. Are honest.

        I told my family.”I want you to know that the things I do r not ever 2b seen as a reflection of u. im me.uncle mike said,u the shit,period.

        I asked @jayelectronica if I should go threw with it . He said . IF YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT DO IT – YOU GOT 1 SHOT TO BE ERYKAH.”

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