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Dave Letterman On The Meaning Of The GOP & ISAAC

Dave Letterman’s recently focused on Issac’s possible stop in the Tampa Bay area as the Republican party starts its’ convention on Monday August 2, 2012. In his no more fat Christie monologue, Letterman jokingly suggests that the Grand Old Party may have found the true identity of GOD.
Take look at the above video to see what Dave is talking about.
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    For Specter, It’s Full Circle

    By E. J. Dionne Jr.
    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Arlen Specter Returns To Democratic Party

    Arlen Specter Returns To Democratic Party

    When Arlen Specter ran for Philadelphia district attorney in 1965, he proudly proclaimed himself a “Kennedy Democrat” and said he was running as a Republican to take on what he saw as the corruption of the city’s then-legendary Democratic machine.

    Forty-four years later, Arlen Specter has come full circle.

    In announcing his switch to the Democratic Party Tuesday, the maverick Pennsylvanian was doing more than trying to save a political career jeopardized by the increasing conservatism of the Republican Party. He was also ratifying a decisive shift in American politics.

    The GOP in his home state had once been a bastion of moderates and liberals including William Scranton, Hugh Scott and Richard Schweiker. In the age of Barack Obama, Republicans of that stripe are flooding into the Democratic Party. Specter is not a leading indicator. His conversion is the culmination of an inexorable trend.

    In a sense, Specter’s departure is a victory for conservatives who, since the days of Barry Goldwater, have been intent on purging liberals from the GOP. The raw political fact is that Specter was in grave danger of losing a Republican primary to former representative Pat Toomey, an anti-tax activist. One Democratic strategist reported seeing polling that showed Specter less popular among Pennsylvania Republicans than President Obama.

    Conservatives had once hoped that creating an ideologically pure party would put them on the path to a majority. But they must now worry that the Republicans’ continued rightward drift is putting the party at odds with a moderate to liberal mood that pervades the country almost everywhere outside the Deep South. And Specter’s switch would give the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, assuming that Minnesota’s Al Franken eventually takes the seat for which he leads after an extended recount.

    At the instant of his conversion, Specter transformed himself from a political underdog into a favorite for reelection in 2010. That’s because Pennsylvania became far more Democratic in the final years of George W. Bush’s presidency. In 2004, Democrat John Kerry carried the state by roughly 144,000 votes. Barack Obama’s margin in 2008 was more than 620,000. According to the network exit polls, Democrats went from a two-point advantage in party identification in 2004 to a seven-point lead in 2008.

    Reflecting a trend across the Northeast and Midwest, Democrats have posted especially strong gains in the suburbs, particularly in the counties around Philadelphia. Those areas had once provided a base for moderate Republicans — notably Specter himself. They are now helping to pad Democratic margins, and Specter is hoping they will support him in his new political incarnation.

    The agony of moderate Republicanism was reflected in Specter’s efforts to appease his party’s primary electorate over the past few months, even as he tried to maintain an independent stance that had served him well in general elections. It was as if he were trying to solve a simultaneous equation for which there was no answer.

    At the beginning of the year, for example, he pleased Democrats and angered Republicans by backing a compromise stimulus package sought by Obama. But in the course of the negotiations, he annoyed Democrats by insisting that the package be held below $790 billion.

    Specter had long received help from the labor movement. Indeed, the unions encouraged some of their members to switch parties in 2004 when Toomey challenged Specter in a primary the first time. But this year, Specter enraged union leaders when he said he could not support their central legislative goal, the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for labor organizations to sign up new members.

    Specter, once a master of the ideological two-step, found himself tripping again and again in the new political environment.

    And so he finds himself back where he started his political life. A man always attuned to the direction of the political winds, Specter has signaled that they are clearly blowing the Democrats’ way. A politician always ready to surprise and confound his political adversaries, Specter now finds the party of Obama as appealing as he long ago found the party of John F. Kennedy. And Specter could not resist paraphrasing Kennedy in declaring that “sometimes party asks too much.” His decision reflects his own personal needs, but it also stands as a warning to the party he once embraced and has now abandoned.

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      Michael “How Do You Like Me Now” Steele Sparring With The FBI

      BY: Sam Curtis: It’s The Same Ole Schickardy!

      Michael Steele New RNC Chairman in Hot Water over Allegations Of Campaign Inproprities

      Michael Steele New RNC Chairman in Hot Water over Allegations Of Campaign Inproprities

      After emerging victoriously in the election for chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele first offered his congratulations to President Obama with a follow up on it being an honor to spar with the new President. Mr. Steele punctuated his message by arrogantly asking “how do you like now”.

      It appears that Mr. Steele has set himself too high. Instead of sparring with President Obama who is busy with the nation’s economic recovery, Mr. Steele is under investigation over an allegation that he made an improper payment to his sister’s company during his 2006 Senate run.

      A check in the amount of $37,262.00 was made out to Monica Turner’s defunct Brown Sugar Unlimited catering and web service business after it had been dissolved.

      Turner, a pediatrician and former wife of ex boxing champ Mike Tyson had legally dissolved the company some eleven months before the check was proffered.

      Steele, who was Maryland’s lieutenant governor from 2003 to 2007, said the claim of improper payments to his sister’s defunct business and other allegations reported Saturday in The Washington Post were leveled by a “convicted felon” and are “all false.”

      The man behind the allegations is Alan B. Fabian, a once-wealthy GOP fundraiser who was finance chairman for Steele’s Senate run. Fabian, 44, made the claims last year during plea negotiations with the U.S. attorney’s office in Maryland after he was charged with orchestrating multimillion-dollar frauds unrelated to the campaign, according to a confidential court document.

      Hoping prosecutors would recommend a lighter sentence, Fabian provided them with information about Steele and said he would be willing to testify against him, according to the document, a sentencing memorandum prepared by Fabian’s attorney and filed under seal in the fall before Fabian’s sentencing in federal court. The U.S. attorney’s office did not recommend a shorter prison term, and Fabian was sentenced in October to nine years behind bars.

      The sealed document was inadvertently sent to The Post by the U.S. attorney’s office after the newspaper requested the government’s sentencing memorandum, which was not filed under seal.

      In the defense memorandum, Fabian cited four specific transactions. In addition to the payment to Steele’s sister, Fabian said that the candidate used money from his state campaign improperly, that Steele paid $75,000 from the state campaign to a law firm for work that was never performed and that Steele or an aide transferred more than $500,000 in campaign cash from one bank to another without authorization.

      Curt Anderson, a spokesman for Steele, said the payments from Steele’s state campaign fund were proper. In the case of the law firm, Baker & Hostetler, it was paid $75,000 for earlier work on a redistricting challenge in Maryland, according to Anderson and a lawyer who worked on the case. In the case of the bank transfer, Steele had authority over the account in question, Anderson said.

      The payment to Steele’s sister was the focus over the weekend as the allegations were reported on the Sunday morning talk shows where Steele made appearances.

      During Steele’s Senate campaign, Turner revealed in a campaign ad on her brother’s behalf that she suffers from multiple sclerosis.

      Turner is also the ex-girlfriend of a renowned convicted drug kingpin named Eugene Byrd. Turner and Byrd are the parents of a daughter who was born 5 months before Byrd’s felony drug conviction. Turner’s relationship with Byrd who was married at the time, was prior to her marriage to Mike Tyson.

      How do we like you now, Mr. Steele? It looks like the same ole schickardy, but a different butt hole named Michael Steele.

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