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Minister’s Wife Murdered: Husband, Step Son and Their Shared Mistress Faces Capital Murder Charges

Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It touches all regardless of your status in life. Pauletta Burleson, the wife of a minister is one of many victims. Unfortunately, Pauletta’s murder is scandalized by what is being described as a love triangle involving her minister husband, his son and the mistress the two men shared. The trio are now facing murder charges for Pauletta’s untimely demise.

Tracy-Bernard Burleson

Tracy Bernard Burleson, a 44-year-old Houston pastor, is facing capital murder charges for the 2010 slaying of his wife, Pauletta Burleson. According to ABC13 Houston’s local ABC affiliate, the pastor’s wife was shot execution style in the back of the head while sitting in the family’s garage, allegedly by her stepson, William Fuller.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Fuller, who is also charged with murder, alleges his father hired him to commit the killing. This information is said to come from a confidential informant whom Fuller confided in.

Further information seem to suggest that both the pastor and his son were in love with the same woman, 32-year-old Tyonne Palmer.

Fuller had previously lived with Palmer, who became his care taker after he was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. According to court records, investigators have uncovered evidence indicating she was actually dating both Fuller and Burleson at the same time.

Attorneys for Burleson are alleging that the son framed his father so he could date his father’s mistress, Tyonne Palmer who is also charged with capital murder. She’s accused of helping Fuller destroy the murder weapon following the shooting.

The pastor’s alibi for the shooting isn’t air tight. While Burleson admits that he and his wife argued in their driveway, he claims he went to a convenience store for chips and candy before she was killed. However, investigators didn’t find any snacks in his car afterwards.

Neighbors say they heard the gunshot at 10:15 p.m. — but the store where Burleson claims to have made his purchases closed at 10 p.m.

The Houston Chronicle is als reporting that prosecutors have found a $60,000 life insurance policy taken out in Burleson’s wife’s name. Such evidence provides motive that which suggests the pastor’s involvement. It also elevates the crime of domestic violence to a capital crime, placing the death penalty on the table.

On or about one week before the murder, Burleson’s house of worship, the First New Mount Calvary Baptist Church, burned down. Burleson has denied involvement in that incident. The fire is still being investigated and no charges have been filed against him in relation to it.
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